What is a Restor-A-thon?

A Restor-A-thon is an event created to accelerate ecological restoration in a single bioregion. Bioregions are areas of 'land and water territory defined by the geographical limits of communities and ecological systems, but it is also defined by its people.'* Below is a map of California Bioregions.

These regions are important because they group plants, animals, insects and people not by the man-made political boundaries, but by how they self organize in natural systems. Before we can restore our ecosystems, we need to look at the area in which the ecosystem is nested.

A Restor-A-thon gathers leaders in these communities to restore their environment in ways that humans have never done in written history. Many scientists state that we are living during the 6th Mass Extinction event, where many plants, animals and insects are dying at a rate only seen 5 other times in our planet's history. A Restor-A-thon is an event that can be held in any Bioregion, with the intention to collectively restore the ecosystems and if we do enough of these, we may be able to reverse this exinction in our lifetimes.

Guidelines for Restor-A-thons

  • There are NO winner take all prizes. You must create COLLABORATION incentives

  • Leave 'cancel culture' at home. If you see pollution, engage said polluter in a solutions discussion/ see if you can remediate the pollution with them

  • Enjoy yourself- we have a lot of work to do, so we might as well have fun doing it

The name Restor-A-thon is Creative Commons License by the Hack the Bay & Delta team. If you want to throw one in your bioregion, please do, just make sure to give us credit for your inspiration. Also, if you want help throwing one, contact us at hackbaydelta@gmail.com, we'd be happy to discuss with you how to proceed.

Just like Hack the Bay & Delta, the most successful Restoratahons gather leaders in technology, ecological restoration, local government and local corporations doing business in that area. Restoration is all of our responsibility.

Lastly, a Restor-A-thon is a reminder that there are no problems we cannot solve together as human beings, even an extinction event caused by our lifestyles. We look forward to restoring with you in the months and years to come. 

*quote from wikipedia- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bioregion